YOGA ON THE MOVE - with Sabine Starr
Sabine Starr became a certified yoga instructor through Bliss Yoga in Woodstock, NY in 2008 and in Thai Yoga Massage in 2009. Sabine has taught dance in her home town of Windham, NY for 25years and has taken  yoga on the road opening a practice in Edgewater, Fl. She brings with her a unique training in dance, movement and yoga. Sabine encourages you to leave your stress at the door and enter into the sanctuary of your own home or join her in the studio. With the use of bolsters, pillows, and a Thai yoga mat, Sabine helps provide a relaxed atmosphere that encourages  one to seek  a deeper release within the body, relaxation of the mind, and a better understanding of the practice of Yoga and  it's many benefits. 

 "Yoga brings inner peace. Journey within to find a 
pure mind and  higher  consciousness.
  Breathe with me! "

 Studio location:                                                                Book a private by calling
 2807 Royal Palm Dr.                                                          518-734-5533
 Edgewater,Fl. 32141                                                         At your home or the studio

Sabine offers:
Classes in Yoga and Dance, privates, studio space or at your home
Rental space for special activities and outside classes
Yoga Retreats to Germany

For more information contact Sabine at:

I began my career as a  professional dancer in NYC at the age of seventeen. Being the first  student to graduate from Greenwich High School with an Independent Study in Dance allowed me to study in NYC  with famous modern dancers and choreographers such as Martha Graham, Paul Sanasardo, and Alvin Ailey.  Dance began when I started ballet with my mother, Felicity Foote, founder of the Greenwich Ballet Workshop.

Touring Germany and Switzerland with
    American Youth Ballet


Yoga has always been in the for front as a link to staying limber and relaxed during show time when performing with Rhondo Dance Theater. Touring through Switzerland and Germany with her mother and the G.B.W. Dancers was the stepping stone to reestablishing the connection with the homestead in Bühl, Baden where the 2009 Yoga Retreat took place.
            Germany Retreat
        Bûhl, Baden
"A dedicated study of dance
as a serious art form has profound
physical and spiritual benefits for
those who surrender themselves to it's magic."

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